What is offered at HHSW?

I believe everyone should have access to healthcare and try to keep prices reasonable.

Now accepting new patients and most major insurances!

Insurance and Self Pay Visits

We accept most major insurances, medicare, medicaid, and tricare for integrative office visits. All visits are 15 or 30 minutes to give you enough time to talk about your concerns.  I would love to help those who wish to pay per consultation with any concerns and do accept self pay patients as well.

DOT Physicals

If you are a professional driver or have a CDL license to maintain, you need a physical mandated by federal law. These “fitness for duty” exams involve a urine test, eye test, hearing test, and basic physical to determine if each driver is physically able to carry out the duties of a commercial driver. I am a certified medical examiner on the national registry with FMCSA. DOT physicals are cash due at time of service.

School Sports Physicals

The pre-participation sports physical is to evaluate safety of participating in different types of sports. Most schools and athletic leagues require these in an effort to be aware of possible health issues affecting your ability to play sports safely. I happily perform school and sports physicals for all ages. The fee is $20 cash due at time of service.

Oracle Card Readings

Ancient Greeks sought their oracles to answer life’s questions and help in decision making and quests. Today, Oracle cards provide divination and spiritual guidance. They can offer general guidance or you can ask about specific situations such as love, relationships, finances or your life path. Come explore with this powerful and insightful tool.

Photon Light Facial

Glowing Health! Low intensity light therapy has been studied intensively for the past 40 years around the world as a safe, effective, non-pharmacological alternative to stimulate the natural healing power of the body’s cells. Different colors represent different wavelengths of light and penetrate the skin to different levels effecting change. It is good for all skin colors, types, and conditions and has no known contraindications. Benefits of light therapy include tissue repair at the cellular level, antiaging effects, anti-inflammatory effects, antibacterial effects, increased cellular oxidation and repair, reduced depression and fatigue.


Healing Touch! Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique in which the therapist channels energy to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes to restore well being of mind, body, and spirit. In fact the word reiki means universal life energy. Introductory Physics classes teach that energy is neither created or destroyed so exists in all things all the time. The body has its own energy field and your energy should flow freely and be in balance in your energy centers or chakras. Reiki helps ease tension, stress, physical, mental, and emotional imbalance using spiritually guided life force energy.

Medical Cannabis Evaluations

You must have a qualifying condition according to the New Mexico Cannabis Program. You must bring to the appointment: a valid New Mexico ID and medical records from the past twelve months related to your qualifying condition. If you do not have this documentation then your appointment will need to be rescheduled until it can be obtained.

Quote for the month

"Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it"

-Ann Wigmore